Inspiring Women


Part of the design process for me is thinking about the type of women I would like to dress. Many inspiring women come to mind and Molly Wizenberg is one of them. Many of you may know Molly through her work as an author, blogger and restauranteur. I started reading Molly's award winning blog, Orangette many years ago and then of course read her best selling books: A Homemade Life and Delancey. Her writing is everything I love - funny, honest, poignant... and about food, one of my favorite subjects.  

I asked Molly if she would like to be my first model for Frazier + Wing and she said yes! I am super excited that she was willing and game to try something new. I want to show the clothes on "real" women because you are the ones who will be wearing them! As much as I appreciate the perfect beauty of professional models, I want to represent the clothes as they will be worn by women with varied shapes, sizes, ages, individual style and beauty. 

I love this image in particular from the shoot. It captures a feeling that I want to have frequently - laughing out loud with happy abandon. It represents Molly the way I imagined her to be through her writing: fun, game and vibrant, the kind of woman I want to dress. Thanks so much, Molly, for wearing the clothes well. 

Heather Frazier